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Scotsman APRC1-P AquaPatrol Replacement Filter

MFG: Scotsman
Our#: 174221

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Scotsman  APRC1-P AquaPatrol Replacement Filter

Scotsman's AquaPatrol filtration cartridge is specifically designed to provide the best possible water conditions for optimal ice machine sanitation. It's unique combination of media leaves chlorine in the water to keep the ice machine cleaner longer. The Scotsman ice making process then removes all noticeable chlorine insuring refreshing, clear, taste and odor free cubes. At the same time, the AquaPatrol reduces dirt and rust particles and supplies phosphate to inhibit mineral buildup that could damage the icemaker.


  • 10 Micron filtration reduces particulates that may harm the ice machine.
  • Utilizes the chlorine already in municipal water systems to keep the ice machine clean.
  • Polyphosphate feed to inhibit scale build-up
  • Standard Scotsman SSM system interconnect


  • Protects the ice machine and extends its life by lowering unscheduled, water related maintenance calls with semiannual replacement.
  • Decreases mineral deposit formation extending machine life.
  • Easy to install and maintain in both new and existing icemakers.