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Scotsman FME1200R Parts Diagram
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Item   Part# Description Stock Price Qty
1)...Screw   03-1531-01 SCREW      
2)...Top Panel, Painted - Obsolete   A33256-001 PANEL TOP SANDALWOOD - OBSOLETE, NO REPLACEMENT      
Top Panel, Syainless Steel   A33256-002 TOP PANEL      
3)...Service Panel, Painted - Obsolete   A34038-001 PANEL SERVICE SANDAL - OBSOLETE, NO REPLACEMENT      
Service Panel, Stainless Steel   A34038-002 PANEL      
4)...Right Side Panel, Painted - Obsolete        
Right Side Panel, Stainless Steel   A33292-002 END PANEL RT.      
5)...Speed Clip - Obsolete   03-0271-00 NUT - OBSOLETE, NO REPLACEMENT      
6)...Emblem, sandalwood   15-0711-01 EMBLEM SCOTSMAN (BRO      
Emblem, grey   15-0808-01 EMBLEM - SCOTSMAN      
7)...Screw 03-1404-12 SCREW      
8)...Front Panel, Painted - Obsolete   A33255-001 PANEL FRONT SANDALWO - OBSOLETE, NO REPLACEMENT      
Front Panel, Stainless Steel   A33255-002 FT. PANEL      
9)...Catch   02-0836-00 CATCH ZINC      
Strike (on front panel)   15-0411-00 STRIKE      
10)...Base   A35890-020 BASE      
11)...Front brace   A34348-001 FRONT BRACE - A34348-001      
12)...Control Box Support   A34039-001 SUPPORT      
13)...Left Side Panel, Painted - Obsolete   A32435-001 PANEL END LEFT SANDA - OBSOLETE, NO REPLACEMENT      
Left Side Panel, Stainless Steel   A32435-002 END PANEL LEFT      
14)...Screw   03-1419-22 SCREW      
15)...Rear Panel, Painted - Obsolete        
Rear Panel, Stainless Steel   A35924-002 BACK PANEL SS