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Manitowoc QM30A Ice Machine Parts Diagram
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Item   Part# Description Stock Price Qty
1)...Control Board (for use with all voltages) 76-2924-3 Control Board, Qm30 - 76-2924-3      
1a)...Fuse – Mounted on Control Board (Not shown) 2511373 Manitowoc Fuse, 5 X 20 Mm, 8 Amp/250V      
2)...Toggle Switch   23-0151-3 Switch, Rocker 1 Week To Ship $15.70
3)...Relay (Used on 115V Only)   85-0553-3 Relay, 115/60, 9400-11T1528      
4)...Bin Control (Thermostat)   7629661 QM30 Bin Thermostat/Water Shield Assembly      
5a)... Water Inlet Valve 115V/60Hz   040001814 Water Inlet Valve, 115V 60 Hz 040001814      
5b)... Water Inlet Valve 230V/50Hz 2405313 Manitowoc Water Inlet Valve 230V/50Hz      
6a)...Wiring Harness (Not Shown) 115V/60Hz   20-3305-3 Wiring Harness 115V - 20-3305-3      
6b)...Wiring Harness (Not Shown) 230V/50Hz 2032983 Manitowoc Wiring Harness - 230V/50Hz      
7a)...Electrical Cord (Not Shown) 115V/60Hz   20-3266-3 Power Cord - 125V/15a      
7b)...Electrical Cord (Not Shown) 230V/60Hz   2032693 Power Cord, 230V/50Hz      
8)...Thermistor (Mounted to Refrigeration Line)   23-5131-3 NTC Thermistor      
9)...Control Board Mounting Supports   43-0225-3 Support      
10)...Screw #10-24 x .50 (Used to Mount Water Inlet Valve) 52-0206-9 Sl Hex Hd Screw (Pkg of 12)