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Scotsman Ice Machines
Scotsman - leading innovator of commercial ice machines

Scotsman Ice Systems is the ice machine manufacturer that promises cost saving efficiency, self monitoring, easy access servicing and optimized cleaning. As the world's largest ice machine manufacturer, Scotsman has more than a million ice machines and ice dispensers at work every day. Whether you're looking for a commercialized ice cuber, flaked ice or a nugget ice machine, you know that you're getting a better ownership experience.

World's smartest ice machine

Scotsman, a leading innovator of ice technology, introduces ProdigyT, one of the smartest, most energy efficient ice machines on the market today. Prodigy features a state-of-the-art self-monitoring system that provides up to the minute reporting on the machine's performance, as well as maintenance needs. See how Prodigy can improve your operations.
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Prodigy Cube Ice Machines

Ideal for mixed drinks • carbonated beverages • ice dispensing • ice displays • ice retailing • banquet services
Common, recognizeable ice form
Small diced cube has favorable liquid displacement
Choose the size that best suits customer’s needs
Prodigy undercounter cubers deliver the next generation in smart technology, energy efficiency and improved performance.
Small, Hard, Chewable bits of ice
Extremely popular in soft drinks and dispensers!
Scotsman Flake ice is small, hard bits of ice commonly found in the grocery produce aisle, in seafood display cases or for cooling salad bars.
Scotsman Offers bins in different capacities, heights and widths. Please contact us with any questions in regards to the sizing and selection of bins.